Orthopedic Modification



Kingston Shoe Repair offers a range of footwear alterations to improve fit and/or function. Alterations include adding a rocker sole, replacing laces with Velcro closures, midfoot widening, extended (surgical) openings, bubble patches and making custom orthopedic footwear.


Often shoes need modification for reasons unrelated to illness or deformity. These types of alterations generally aim to improve fit by stretching, adding custom heel grips, or resizing boot legs.


Kingston Shoe repair liftsLifts

The most common shoe modification involves adding height to one shoe in order to compensate for a leg length discrepancy. At Kingston Shoe Repair we specialize in adding lifts to a wide variety of shoes, often re-using the original sole on the finished product. We are able to add lifts on most shoes including casual shoes, dress shoes, boots and running shoes. 


Does your shoe have a problem that isn’t listed here?

We can help with many types of issues that your footwear may have.  Contact Kingston Shoe Repair for a personal quote.