Shoe Repair

Kingston Shoe Repair has the equipment and expertise to repair many different kinds of footwear problems. Some of the most common repairs and issues are listed below. If your problem isn’t listed, please Contact us for a personal quote.


Kingston Shoe Repair Heel Replacement

Heels and Soles

Regular maintenance of your heels and soles not only extends the life of your shoes, but also helps your balance and gait. Putting thin protective rubber soling over a new leather sole before it wears down will make it less slippery and last longer. Kingston Shoe Repair is able to repair any type of heel or sole, from traditionally made goodyear welts, modern composite materials, to specialty shoes.


Kingston Shoe Repair Rips and Holes Repair

Rips and Holes

Whether a rip or hole is on the outer surface or the lining of your shoe, Kingston Shoe Repair has a wide variety of thread and leather colours to make the repair as inconspicuous as possible.


Shoe Stretching

Kingston Shoe Repair Stretching

If your shoes are too tight, Kingston Shoe Repair has a variety of stretchers to make a variety of both men's and women's shoes fit better and more comfortably.


Zippers & Velcro

If your zipper is broken or your Velcro doesn't stick anymore, let us take care of it. We take special pride in our sewing to ensure a professional result on all types of fasteners.

Kingston Shoe Repair Zippers and Velcro


Does your shoe have a problem that isn’t listed here?

We can help with many types of issues that your footwear may have. Contact Kingston Shoe Repair for a personal quote.